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Most of us will encounter and deal with stressful episodes at some point, in certain cases, it's possible that stress can generate health problems such as high blood pressure and sleeplessness. Stress and acid reflux is often associated with physical problems such as heartburn and indigestion.

Here are five common sources of stress:

  1. Major life changes. This can include several different stress causing events - from moving home to divorce, major illness or, sadly, the death of a loved one.
  2. Most of us face financial obstacles, decisions and challenges throughout our lives. But debt and lack of money through unemployment can prove to be particularly stressful
  3. Our careers can bring many rewards and pleasures. However, those in very demanding roles or with too many demands put on them, may sometimes be unable to handle the pressure and become stressed out. Stress in work may also be brought on by not having, or giving ourselves enough time - or by simply taking on too much responsibility
  4. It's rather ironic that being in poor health can bring on stress - as if people in this situation need any more worry. But sadly it can happen.
  5. Whatever we do, there will be other people with whom we need to interact. So opportunities for disputes and personality clashes are common. Family relationships can also bring on stress - with partners, with children or with the wider family.

What stress can do:

When stress-related tension builds up, it may result in health problems such as heartburn and indigestion.

Stress may also cause some people to turn to things such as alcohol or drugs, in an effort to escape stress. In reality, they can actually cause more problems which may lead to further stress.

Dealing with stress and related problems:

Reducing stress itself is the key to reducing some of the health risks associated with it. So, here are few suggestions that may help:

  • Share your feelings with others. Perhaps you manager doesn't realise you are overloaded at work, so speak to them!
  • Try to give yourself a dedicated time to relax. Join a yoga class or take some time out to read. Or simply give yourself time away from the stressful situation to recharge your batteries a little
  • Cutting back a bit on alcohol is never a bad thing. What about going to the cinema after work with your friends, rather going for a drink?
  • Eating healthily and taking a little exercise can also help you. Your body and mind need the right nourishment and physical energy to help you cope
  • Being a little more organised can also help. Working more efficiently is probably less stressful than simply working harder or longer hours.

Some consequences of stress can be dealt with immediately. Taking heartburn and indigestion again as examples: if you experience either of these, you can get fast relief from Gaviscon Double Action.

It gets to work instantly, whenever you need heartburn or indigestion relief, even if you suffer from both. Because Gaviscon forms a physical barrier to acid - a raft (or layer) on top of the stomach contents - in seconds. This helps to stop acid refluxing into the food pipe and causing pain. Gaviscon DA also neutralises acid. What's more, it offers long lasting relief - up to two times longer than antacids. So if you do encounter these conditions, as a result of stress, at least there is help at hand.

Think about making a list today of all the things that contribute to your stress - and then consider what you could do differently to help reduce it. And remember, stress can be managed.

All information presented is not meant to diagnose or prescribe. Gaviscon for Heartburn & Indigestion. Always read the label. If symptoms are severe or prolonged you should consult a doctor or pharmacist. Always talk to your doctor or pharmacist before taking any medicine.